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Behind The Visuals: Judges


Someone recently asked about the creative process that went into making the artwork for ‘Book Of Judges’, so I thought it could be interesting to share a little of the depth behind the visuals…...

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The Art Of Imitation


To imitate our first parents, Adam and Eve, is to reject God and destroy any possibility of real unity, fellowship and community....

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What Was Jesus About?


What was his thing? We know why he was born, and why he died - but what about the bit in the middle?...

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What Unites Church Unite?


The event organisers state: ‘Church Unite is an opportunity to gather together to celebrate our love for Jesus and the city of Melbourne.' But in a world so confused about the person and work of Christ, which Jesus are we celebrating?...

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Lying. The Royal Road To Chaos


Can you remember your first lie? Did you get away with it? Maybe, maybe not. But I bet you knew then, as you know now, it was wrong....

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Blind Worship


In our ever-increasing secular society, people tend to associate worship with buildings that look a certain way...

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It's A Grand Thing To Be A Christian


While it is an astounding thing simply to be alive, to live as a Christian is doubly so....

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