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Behind The Visuals: Judges


Someone recently asked about the creative process that went into making the artwork for ‘Book Of Judges’, so I thought it could be interesting to share a little of the depth behind the visuals…

As we’ve experienced through the last several weeks of the weightiness of the Book of Judges, the narrative actually ends up in a far worse place than we started off.
I mean, to finish a story with: “And they all did what was right in their own eyes” doesn’t exactly lend itself to a typical fairytale ending. There's just so much darkness, destruction and doom in this picture of following sin, so we wanted to portray the same heaviness through the artwork too.

Some main themes from creative discussions were:

  • SHADOWS that point to Jesus - Need a Deliverer
  • Sin City styled art?
  • Repurcusions from their actions - ripple end point
  • Darkness
  • Harsh
  • Military warrior - conquered their enemies
  • Israel had no king
  • Doing evil in the sight of God

Which were then refined to the one theme of doing what was right in their eyes... and after a few design variations, we ended up with the bottom artwork below.

BTV Process - Book Of Judges

Unpacking the final artwork

Black (Darkness) + Red (blood)

A strong idea from that last line of the book, but there’s also a comparison between doing things that are right in their eyes whilst also doing things in the sight of God.
So yes, the symbolism of the Illumanati was a deliberate image, as we used it to convey that although there is this ‘all seeing eye’, the people of Israel don’t care and keep sinning anyway. And also to show that God, as this ‘all seeing eye’, is still sovereign through it all, despite the darkness.

BTV Sketch - Book Of Judges Small

If you’ve seen Alfred Hitchcock’s film, The Birds, you’ll know about the unexplained violent crow-like birds tbat pecked out peoples’ eyes and violently killed them, so I wanted to have this visual of sin just circling the air above, waiting to continue its devastation.

Dark Clouds.
Along with the darkness that storm clouds bring when they roll in, I also used this imagery to convey that their minds became clouded / blown to bits / utterly destroyed from their turning away from God.

Resembles self-proclaimed righteousness and a state of ‘appearing’ high class and holy as God’s people, when in reality, they are destroying their souls, from the inside out.

Visual References.
Here’s a sample of some of the images I was sifting through in thinking about the dark tone and twisted nature of the content...

BTV Ref - Book Of Judges

While we didn’t want to have over-graphic imagery in the design that occurs in the book, we wanted it all to be quite symbolic of the severity of sin and its consequences that we read about, and their desperate need for a deliverer!

Listen to the entire series of 'Book of Judges' on our RC PODCAST.

Aaron is the Media Director at Redemption Church

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Great detail and insight here, Aaron. Awesome to see how God has gifted you to provoke gospel-centred discussion from powerful imagery. Thanks for sharing your intentioned meanings for the artwork.

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