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There's a real rhythm of telling the story of the Gospel through the songs we sing together at Redemption. And Gospel-shaping our entire services is a primary focus for us as it means we have a wholistic view of the Gospel.

From singing of the glory of God/who He is > to recognising our sin nature and our total depravation > to the good news of Jesus entering humanity to live a perfect life and to die on a cross - a death that should have beens ours, thereby us receiving His free gift of grace > which, through His salvation, we now live changed lives - freed people who want to live in obedience to Christ, and who love and live differently to the world, and who now tell of His love to all we meet!

We also don't take for granted how blessed with are with an abundance of talented singers and musicians, not only their service in the music ministry, but also their presence within our church family, and the missional communities they're in too.

If you'd like to know more about our music at Redemption Church or if you're a part of our church and you'd like to join a music team, email Meeya Wright at