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Taking God Seriously - Gender: Intro - Sam Wright

June 24, 2016 Speaker: Sam Wright Series: Taking God Seriously - Gender, Singleness, Marriage + Sex

Topic: Sex + Sexuality

These talks are from the one-night conference where we looked at God’s Word on gender, marriage, singleness, sex and more.
We see the obvious need in our day for a clear and kind telling of God’s word on these issues.

Theologian J.I. Packer recently lamented, “The Church is in trouble. You’d agree with that wouldn’t you? The trouble is we are not taking our God seriously enough. What’s the proof of that? Why, that we’re not taking his Word seriously enough."

There is a parallel between our treatment of God and our treatment of his Word. If we believe God to exist - should we not take him seriously? If we believe he has spoken - should we not take every word he speaks seriously?

'Taking God Seriously' aims to be an ongoing event where we accept the challenge for one extended night to take God seriously by taking his Word seriously.
Hours of teaching, on a given topic, packed into one night.

Listen to all these talks here.