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Ever since we started meeting together, we would serve each other through our time, our homes, our lives and our love for each other.

This servanthood comes from a heart expression of gratitude towards Jesus and each Christian is given different gifts by the Holy Spirit in order to serve the church and express love for one another.

Together, every person in the church combines to become the body of Christ, so there are no passengers or no one who is not needed. Jesus clearly calls us to more than just ourselves, more than a consumeristic version of godliness.

Our Sunday gatherings are a great opportunity for people to serve in many different ways, including:  RC KIDS  /  CREATIVE MEDIA  /  Music  /  Audio + Tech  /  Setup + Packup Teams.

Or maybe you have passions for other areas that you'd like to explore. If so, we'd love you to chat to us some more - either share within your MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES, catch one of the leaders after a Sunday gathering or email Pastor Sam.